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Our 4 Step Pool Resurfacing Process

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Swim Pool Hero swim pool services are delivered to the highest standards by experienced professionals for every customer.

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pool inspection
Pool Inspection
Identify the state of the pool and the exact resurfacing tasks needed to complete the job.
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Select Design
We help you choose the right swim pool materials, colors and finish to create the look you want.
resurface swimming pool
Pool Resurfacing
We go to work on your pool resurfacing! Our experts make your pool look good as new.
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Post Job Inspection
Once the resurfacing is complete, we review the work with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

Checking Your Pool Surface


Your pool’s surface condition is super important for how it looks and works. Over time, things like chemicals, weather, and regular use can damage it.

We will show you how to spot damage, why it happens, and how to check the surface properly.

Spotting Surface Damage

Look out for signs of damage like cracks, chips, color changes, scaling, or rough areas.

Cracks might mean bigger structural issues, while chips and scaling could be from chemical problems.

Color changes and roughness can be signs of wear or not enough cleaning.

Why Damage Happens

Damage can happen for several reasons. Chemical levels that are too high or low can hurt the pool surface.

Weather like cold, sun, or rain can also cause damage.

Using the wrong cleaning methods or having sharp objects in the pool can scratch or harm the surface.

Do You Need to Resurface Your Pool?

  • Regularly check your pool surface for cracks, chips, color changes, scaling, and rough areas.
  • Understand the main reasons for surface damage, like chemical issues, weather, and wrong cleaning methods.
  • Use visual checks, feel the surface, and maybe use special tools for a full assessment.
  • Ignoring maintenance can cause big problems, like leaks and expensive repairs.
  • Keeping up with checks and fixes helps your pool stay in good shape and safe to use.

How to Check Your Pool Surface

Look over the entire surface for visible signs of damage. Feel the surface for any uneven or rough spots. You can also use special tools like moisture meters or scanners to get more detailed information about the surface’s condition.

Take Action Early

Ignoring cracks, for example, can lead to water leaks and damage to nearby areas. Not fixing problems early can end up being really expensive.

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A Quick Guide to Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Importance of Pool Resurfacing

  • Regular resurfacing every 10-15 years is crucial for maintaining a pool’s condition.
  • Over time, pool surfaces wear down due to water and chemical exposure, causing stains, erosion, and rough textures.
  • Resurfacing helps restore the pool surface, enhancing its look and safety.

Signs You Need Pool Resurfacing

  • Key indicators for resurfacing include persistent stains, rough surface texture, cracks or chips in the walls, leaks, or frequent need for re-plastering.

Types of Pool Surfaces

  • Plaster: A mix of limestone, marble sand, and white cement, affordable but may feel rough.
  • Pebble: Combines plaster with pebbles, glass beads, or quartz for durability and varied aesthetics.
  • Aggregate: Similar to pebble but offers more variety.
  • Tile: Uses porcelain, glass, or stone tiles for a luxurious look, easy to clean and maintain.

Innovative Resurfacing Options

  • Diamond Brite: Uses quartz aggregates and polymer-modified cement for durability.
  • Glass Bead Blasting: Removes the top layer for a fresh surface.
  • Pebble Tec: Combines pebble aggregates with cement for various design options.
  • Aqua Bright: High-performance polymer-modified cement for a smooth, vibrant surface.

Pool Resurfacing Costs

  • The cost varies based on the project’s complexity and materials used.
  • Choosing quality materials and professional installation can save money in the long run.

Hiring a Professional

  • Hiring an experienced swim pool resurfacing professional ensures proper resurfacing with quality installation and efficient time management.
  • Call Swim Pool Hero on (877) 731 0401 today!
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