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Spotlight on: Swim Pool Resurfacing

Give your pool a fresh new look and long-lasting protection with our pool resurfacing services, where we provide a variety of top-notch options to fit your style. We apply the material to ensure a smooth, impressive finish that’ll make your pool the highlight of your backyard gatherings. Call Us Now: (877) 731 0401

pool resurfacing
  • Material Selection: Choose from a variety of pool resurfacing materials such as plaster, pebble, fiberglass, or high-tech aggregates that offer different textures, colors, and longevity to match your style and needs.
  • Swim Pool Surface Preparation: Our team meticulously prepares your pool's surface by cleaning, repairing any cracks or damages, and ensuring a smooth foundation for the new material to adhere to.
  • Application Process: We use precise techniques to apply the chosen pool resurfacing material evenly, guaranteeing a flawless finish that will stand up to both time and the elements.
  • Quality Assurance: After application, we conduct thorough checks to ensure the integrity and durability of the swimming pool resurfacing work, providing you with both beauty and peace of mind.
  • Aftercare Advice: To prolong the life of your newly resurfaced swimming pool, we offer expert guidance on maintenance practices that will keep your pool looking great year after year.

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Discover the simplicity of swimming pool ownership with our full suite of services, designed to keep your pool in prime condition. From pool installation to regular cleanings, we handle every detail so you can dive in and relax without a second thought.
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resurface swimming pool

Give your pool a makeover with our pool resurfacing service. This not only makes it look sharp but also keeps it in strong shape for all the family fun ahead.

Dive into a fresh look and feel with the latest in durable surfaces—just one call to us can get you started. We’re operating in Atlanta, Denver, San Diego and San Jose and adding more cities all the time.

Swim Pool

swim pool cleaning

A clean pool is a happy pool—and ours is the service to keep yours sparkling.

For water that’s always swim-ready, pick up the phone and let us do the dirty work for you.

Swim Pool

swim pool maintenance

Keep your pool water crystal clear and equipment running like clockwork with our regular maintenance.

Enjoy peace of mind and perfect swims every time; just give us a ring, and we’ll take care of the details.

Swim Pool

swim pool repair

Don’t let a small problem turn into a big one; our repair service will fix leaks or replace faulty equipment quickly.

Keep your pool party-ready all year round—reach out to us, and we’ll handle the rest.

Swim Pool

choose swim pool design materials for swim pool installation

Ready for a new pool? We’ll work with you to create a stunning backyard escape that fits right in with your outdoor space.

Start building your dream pool today—call us, and we’ll show you how.

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Learn swim pool maintenace tips from our experts and extend the lifespan of your pool.

benefits of pool resurfacing

9 Key Benefits Of Pool Resurfacing

In this article, I’ll guide you through the nine key benefits of pool resurfacing, explaining why it’s a smart investment for any pool owner.

fiberglass pool lifespan swimming pool resurfacing

Top Tips to Extend Your Fiberglass Pool Lifespan

By resurfacing your pool, you can give it a new lease on life.This process involves applying a fresh layer of material to the existing fiberglass shell, restoring its appearance and durability.

swim pool redesign and remodel

Swim Pool Redesign and Pool Resurfacing Ideas

If you’re considering a swim pool redesign, resurfacing with fiberglass is a game-changer. Fiberglass retains heat, keeps your pool warm, saves on heating costs and is stain-resistant.

Our Pool Renovation and Remodeling Process

Welcome to our streamlined renovation process, where we bring your dream pool to life with precision and personal attention. Every splash you’ll make is the result of careful planning, expert execution, and a dedication to quality that’s unmatched.

Whether you’re envisioning a modern makeover or aiming to restore your pool’s bygone charm, our process ensures that your vision becomes a reality, crafted with the expertise only years in the field can provide.

Ready to begin? Let’s dive into how we make pool transformations happen, from the first handshake to the final dip.

Call Us Now: (877) 731 0401

Initial Pool Renovation Consultation

Our journey begins with a one-on-one chat where we listen to your dreams and expectations for your pool’s transformation. We’ll take a close look at your current pool and its environment. Our goal? To tailor a renovation plan that’s just right for you.

Detailed Site Inspection

Next, we put on our detective hats and give your pool a top-to-bottom check-up. We’re on the hunt for any structural concerns, surface wear and tear, or out-of-date systems that need our attention. This ensures we know exactly what we’re diving into.

Pool Design Proposal

With the details in hand from our consultation and inspection, we’ll craft a design proposal that maps out your pool’s makeover. We cover everything from resurfacing choices to remodeling tweaks, and those extra special touches you’re looking to add.

Pool Remodeling Budget Planning

We know renovations are a big investment, so we lay out all the costs upfront in a detailed estimate. It’s all about making sure you have a clear financial picture before any work begins.

Pool Permit Acquisition

Before we break ground, we’ll handle the red tape by securing all necessary permits. This step makes sure your renovated pool is up to snuff with local building laws.

This service is available in: Bakersfield, New Orleans, St. Louis and Austin

Material and Equipment Selection

This is where you get hands-on in picking the materials and gear that will bring your pool back to life. We guide you through choices that balance looks with lasting quality and energy efficiency.

Renovation Execution

Now the real work begins! We’ll kick off with any needed demolition before moving on to mending bones, giving your pool a fresh new surface, and getting those modern features and equipment in place.

Quality Assurance

As craftsmen, making sure every tile and trim meets our high standards—and yours—is part of the process. Regular checks are our way of ensuring every detail is perfect.

Final Inspection and Handover

The big reveal! Once we’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, we’ll walk you through the finished product. Your happiness is our finish line, so we’ll tweak anything that needs extra polish.

Maintenance and Care Guidance

Our work isn’t done until you feel confident caring for your revamped pool. We’ll share insider tips on keeping it pristine—from regular cleaning routines to chemical balance know-how.

Ready to make a splash? Let’s turn that pool dream of yours into reality!

Call Us Now: (877) 731 0401