Pool Cover Pumps

Pool Cover Pump Vs Trash Pump

If you have a standard solid plastic pool cover or if you have a solid loop loc / safety cover you will need a cover pump to remove the rain water that gathers during the winter season. You will need a pump to remove water from pool cover because rain and snow will fill it with water during the winter.

You can use a submersible pump, standard pool cover pump, or a trash pump to clean your pool cover. If you have an above ground pool you can also use a “siphon” method using your pool vacuum hose or a large garden hose. Both of these methods are explained below.

How To Pump Water From Pool Cover

If you need to pump water from the pool cover you can do it one of three ways.

You can use a pump, the “siphon” method or even a bucket method which takes a bit longer. There are three different types of pumps that are best for removing water from your pool cover.

The names of the three different types of pool cover pumps are the submersible pump, automatic float controlled pump or a trash pump.

Remove Water From Pool Cover Steps:

Remove all leaves and debris.
Make sure the pool cover is secure.
Start pool cover pump and run out discharge hose.
Once water is pumped off pool cover, then remove the cover.
Best Way To Pump Water Off Pool Cover

The best way to pump water off of your pool cover is to fist remove the leaves with a pool leaf net and pool brush attached to aluminum pool vacuum poles.

–Remove Water & Leaves From Pool Cover

Remove all leaves, sticks, debris from pool cover.
Start pump, use bucket , or trash pump to remove water.
After water us removed, remove pool cover carefully and fold.
How To Drain A Pool Cover Without Pump

If you want to drain a pool cover without a pump you can use either a garden hose or your pool vacuum hose by creating a siphon. You can also use a 5 gallon pump and hand bail the water if you do not have a pump. It might take longer, but if you do not have a pump and you have a bucket, its better to hand bail that dirty water then have it fall into your pool.

Removing Water and leaves on above ground pool cover

Automatic Pool Cover Pump

If you want to be able to just drop the pump on the pool cover, plug it in and then walk away from it then you can use an automatic pool cover pump to do just that.

An automatic pool cover pump usually has an electronic float switch mounted to the pump or the cord. When the water rises high enough the float switch trips ( turns on ) and the pump starts to pump the pol cover. Once the water is pumped off the float switch goes the other way and automatically shuts the pool cover pump off.

Submersible Pool Cover Pump

If you have a lot of water on top of your pool cover you may want to use a submersible pool cover pump because it will be way faster then using a small little giant or basic cover pump. This pump is faster then the standard pool cover pumps but not as fast as the trash pump.

Above Ground Winter Pool Cover Pump

If you have a cover on an above ground pool and the cover needs to be pumped off then you have gravity on your side.You can use a small pump, garden hose or pool vacuum hose to pump the water off of your pool cover. Always be sure to remove all the leaves from the pool cover before you start pumping the water off. This will save you so much time of not dealing with a clogged pump from all the leaves because you will have taken them off.

Little Giant Pool Cover Pump

The little Giant pool cover pump is a great way to clean the top of your pool cover if you are not in a rush and do not care of it takes 2 or 3 days to remove the water from your pool cover.

The Little Giant pool cover pump is not an on demand pump, its a slow GPH ( gallon per hour) pump . It uses low energy and won’t cost that much electric to use, you will also need a garden hose and extension cord to run this pump power and to also pump the water somewhere * (garden hose also needed )

The “TRASH” PUMP Pool cover pump

The trash pump which is powered by a gasoline motor comes in 2″ and 3″ outputs that pump between 165 gallons a minute and 313 gallons a minute.

When you use a trash pump to clean a pool cover you have to make sure that the end of the suction hose is always under water because if its not you will suck air and loose the pump prime.

Pool Cover Pump Troubleshooting

–Pump Hums But Wont Pump

If your pump hums and doesn’t pump it could be one of two problems with the pump.

If pump hums and impeller doesn’t spin, the pump is frozen and needs to be replaced.
Always make sure to clean the strain and the pump volute on the pool cover pump. Debris like small leaves, twigs and other things can jam the impeller causing the motor to be stuck and then just hum.
–My Pool Water Is Going Lower And My Pool Cover Not Is Not Draining

If you have been using a pool cover pump to drain your pool cover and you have noticed that the pool water is getting lower as you pump the pool cover off but the pool cover still ha water on it, then chances are you have a hole or many holes on your pool cover and you will need to replace your pool cover.