DE Pool Filter Repair

DE Pool Filter Backwashing & Troubleshooting

How Does My DE Pool Filter Work?

DE means diatomaceous earth which is crushed white rock that is crushed so fine that it becomes powder. DE powder is added to the pool filer overtime that the pool filter is backwashed.

–What Does The DE Do Inside the Filter?

The DE powder gets stuck on the grids or fingers of the pool filter and then all the dirt and debris will get stuck to the DE powder. The more dirt, algae and debris on the diatomaceous earth the higher the pressure will rise on the pool filter pressure gauge that is located on the top of your pool filter, the side of your pool filter or mounted on the multipart valve body.

GRID Filter Verse FINGER Pool Filter.

Both the of the two types of pool filters are great filters and will keep the pool water clean. The Grid Filter and the Finger Style filter both require DE to operate correctly.

–The Grid DE Pool Filter

The Grid DE pool filter was first made popular by Hayward Pool Products and also Pentair Pool Products. This type of pool filter has vertical grids that are held together by a lower and upper manifold.

–The DE Finger Pool Filter

The Finger style pool filter is very popular among the Hayward EC series line of filter. The EC which stands for extended cycle works by using individual tubes that are nested together in something called a tube sheet. These tubes over the years have been nicknamed “fingers” which are just plastic tubes that hang vertical inside of the EC series style filter from Hayward Pool Products.

How Do I Backwash My Pool Filter?

Backwashing the pool filter is how you remove the old DE powder from the pool filter so you can lower the filter pressure and clean the debris from the pool filter grids. To begin backwashing a pentair pool filter or Hayward pool filter you will do the following,

–backwashing filter with multiport

If you have a multiport on your pool filter you are going to push on the handle to switch positions when backwashing the filter. Please remember you always want to shut the pump off before you move or change the position of the handle on the multiport valve.

Step One:

The first thing you will want to do is turn off the pump / filter system and then turn the multiport valve to where it says “backwash”. To move the handle, press down and turn into the backwash position.

Step Two:

After you have shut the filter and turned the filter multiport to backwash, you will now want to roll out your backwash hose if you have one attached to the multiport. If you have a dry well you may need to just open the valve on the backwash line if you have one.

Step Three:

Now that the system is ready to be backwashed, you will want to turn the system back on and let the water flow for about three minutes while you watch the sight glass or walk to the end of the backwash line to make sure that the water is clear before you shut the system off. Usually you will want to let the filter run three minutes on the backwash cycle.

Step Four:

After the filter has ran on backwash for three minutes you will want to shut the filter off and turn the multiport valve to the “rinse” position. After the multiport is set to the rinse position you will want to turn the filter system on for another two minutes and let the water pump out.

Step Five:

Now that you have ran the filter on backwash mode for three minutes and then on rinse mode for two minutes, you will want to repeat the process three times. Repeating the backwash and rinse cycle three times will help get your filter nice and clean.

Step Six:

You will want to re-add the recommended amount of DE pewter through the skimmer to the filter system with the pump running and make sure the multiport is on filter before you add the DE powder to the pool skimmer / filter system. You need to add new DE to the filter every time that you backwash.

–backwashing filter with bump handle

If you are backwashing a DE pool filter with a bump handle such as the Hayward EC styles filters you will always want to make sure that the filter is off before you bump or move the handle.

Step One:

Shut the pump / filter system power off using the pump timer or switch. You never want to bump the handle with the pump and filter running as that can damage the tube sheets.

Step Two:

Use your hand and slowly move the bump handle up and down, after a few times of moving the handle up and down the handle will become easier to move, bump the handle at least 20 times up and down. When you bump the handle that shakes the DE powder from the filter tubes / fingers.

Step Three:

Now that your filter system is off, you have bumped the handle 20 times or better, you will now need to open the valve on the bottom of the pool filter. Sometimes that valve handle will be hard to turn so be careful not to break the valve handle.

Once the valve handle / valve is open you will see some water pour out of the valve, now you will want to turn on the pump / filter system back on. Once you do you will want to let the water flow out of the valve or backwash hose for at least three minutes or until the water coming out of the pool filter is clear.

Step Four:

After you have let the water pump out of the valve or backwash hose for about three minutes you will want to shut the filter system off, close the valve and repeat this process three times (* shut the filter, bump handle 20 times, open valve , turn system on and let run for three minutes )

You have now successfully backwashed your Hayward EC / bump handle filter. It’s now time to add the DE powder.

How Do I Add DE To My Pool & Filter?

How Much DE Should I Add After I Backwash? You add DE to the filter using a cup and scoping it from the bag or box that it came in. You will add the diatomaceous earth ( DE POWDER ) to the skimmer of pool.

–adding DE to inground pools.

If you have an inground pool you will add DE powder to the skimmer that is closest to the filter system.

–adding DE to above ground pools

If you have an above ground pool you will add DE to the pool skimmer.

DE Filter Troubleshooting Questions

–Why Is DE Coming Back Into My Pool?

When DE powder comes back into the pool from the pool returns aka pool jets and

–Pool filter pressure still high after backwash

If your filter pressure is still high after you back wash there is a few things that you can do to troubleshoot this problem.

–switch pool on recirculate

If your pool filter pressure is still high after backwashing , chances are the grid could still be clogged. What you can do is to switch the multiport to “recirculate” mode which bypasses the filter.

Once pool is switched to recirculate on the multiport turn the filter system back on, if the pressure coming out of the pool returns / jets is stronger now, this means that your filter is clogged. You either need to backwash again, acid wash filter, or re-backwash the pool filter.

–backwash filter again

If your pressure is still high after backwashing, make sure you have repeated the backwash cycle three times to make sure that the filter is totally clean.

–replace grids / have grids acid washed

If you have backwashed the pool filter three times, and your pressure is still high you may want to consider either acid washing the filter or replacing the pool filter grids / fingers.

backwashing and rinsing pool filter

these are both important steps that help clean the pool filter.

how to backwash an intex above ground pool filter

There are three kinds of pool filters found on swimming pools.