Pool Pump Repair

Swimming Pool Pump Running Hot

If your swimming pool pump is running hot, there could be a number of reasons this is happening. Worn Pump Shaft Seal If your pump shaft seal is starting to go bad, it could start to bind and make the electric motor jam up and run hotter. Pump Motor Bearings Have No Grease Pool pump […]

Swimming Pool Closings

Above Ground Pool Closing Checklist

Before you close your above ground pool you will want to make sure that you have all the tools and supplies before you get started so we have put together this pool closing checklist for your above ground pool. Pool Cover Installation You will need wire cutters to cut the extra slack from the cable […]

Pool Cover Pumps

Pool Cover Pump Vs Trash Pump

If you have a standard solid plastic pool cover or if you have a solid loop loc / safety cover you will need a cover pump to remove the rain water that gathers during the winter season. You will need a pump to remove water from pool cover because rain and snow will fill it […]

DE Pool Filter Repair

DE Pool Filter Backwashing & Troubleshooting

How Does My DE Pool Filter Work? DE means diatomaceous earth which is crushed white rock that is crushed so fine that it becomes powder. DE powder is added to the pool filer overtime that the pool filter is backwashed. –What Does The DE Do Inside the Filter? The DE powder gets stuck on the […]